Levan Izoria meets his Estonian counterpart in Tallinn
27 January 2017

On the second day of the visit in the Republic of Estonia, Minister of Defence of Georgia held an official meeting with his Estonian counterpart Margus Tsahkna.

At the beginning of the meeting, Minister Levan Izoria thanked Margus Tsahkna for Estonia`s political and practical support of Georgia and briefed him about the reforms implemented within the MoD. According to Minister, the goal of 4 year-long reform vision and ongoing transformation is to establish strong defence system based on the transformation and modernization of military forces. As Levan Izoria outlined, the partner nations` support of Georgia is significant at the moment as the Georgian Armed Forces are going through structural and conceptual changes.

The ministers discussed current and future defence cooperation plans. The discussions included ongoing implementation for the projects under the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package and Estonian experts` engagement in this context. Margus Tsahkna underlined once again that Estonia supports Georgia`s Euro-Atlantic membership aspirations and declared that Estonian side is interested in deepening NATO-Georgia cooperation.

One of the topics of the meeting was the successful cooperation between Nordic and Baltic nations and Georgia`s involvement in this format to create a new and an effective mechanism of defence sphere advancement. “Creating a cooperation format of Nordic-Baltic countries and Georgia is an important idea and practical steps and decisions should be taken for its success”, said Margus Tsahkna.

The focus was also placed on sharing experience in the field of military education, on the joint engagement in military exercises and promoting cooperation in a cyber security field.

“Estonia and Georgia have very deep cooperation on very many different levels and defence cooperation is very practical. Georgian students are studying in Estonian military high school. We have special programs between each other. Estonia is still continuing to raise Georgian occupation question on international level in every meeting and this is our duty as well to remain that there is still having problems from the Russian side with Georgian international law -based territorial integrity. So this is very important question and of course with the minister of Defence we discussed practical cooperation”, said Estonian Defence Minister after the meeting with his Georgian counterpart.

Today, the Georgian delegation visited Ämari Air Base, from which the air space of Baltic countries is controlled. The Estonian side carried out a demonstrative flight, specially for Georgian Defence Minister.

The MoD delegation under the leadership of Minister Levan Izoria finished official visits in Nordic and Baltic countries. Minister summed up the visits paid in Finland, the Kingdom of Sweden and Estonia and evaluated them as successful: “we are interested in the realization of total defence concept. We also intend to restore a conscription system and to establish mobilization and reserve systems from the next year. Nordic and Baltic countries have a very good experience in these areas, therefore we will continue a close cooperation with them. Georgia carries on a very successful cooperation with Estonia in cyber security field as well. We are determined to focus on the field of military education, in particular, to send more officers to Estonia. We are also considering Georgia’s participation in defence format existing in Nordic and Baltic nations. The visit was very successful and we plan to set out concrete plans of cooperation and military trainings with theses countries”, outlined Levan Izoria.

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