The final phase of pre-deployment training of 23rd Battalion is over
31 December 2016

The 23rd Battalion of II Infantry Brigade of the Georgian Armed Forces moved to the final phase of pre-deployment preparation. As part of the training for the Resolute Support Mission, the military units carried out cordon and search operations. During the preparation, the U.S. special purpose vehicles and other types of armament were used and different operations including communication with locals, medical evacuation, responding to contact and other types of military tasks were performed. Up to 150 servicemen including the U.S. marines participated in the military training.

The pre-deployment training is divided into four phases. At I phase, the military are prepared individually, then comes training of military units at a squad, platoon, company and battalion levels at II, III and IV phases. Pre-deployment preparation is held in the NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Evaluation Centre (JTEC). The field-based trainings are based on a scenario maximally closer to reality.

Four-month long exercise will finish in January after which the military will go through preparation in Germany and launch fulfilling the mission in Afghanistan.

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