Levan Izoria will attend extended summit of NATO
30 December 2016

Minister of Defence of Georgia will attend the extended NATO summit. Minister stated about it at the final meeting with media representatives.
“We, under the leadership of Prime Minister of Georgia, had a very interesting meeting with Jens Stoltenberg in NATO Headquarters in December, where the upcoming 2017 NATO Summit was one of the topics of discussion. I would like to accentuate that the Summit will be symbolic because of the formation of new administration in the United States. Such a precedent happened in the reality of the Alliance after electing George Bush as the U.S. President, when the NATO member countries assembled to set out the plans of future cooperation along with the United States. Therefore, we will not take part in this Summit. NATO Summit is held once in two years. Georgia will take part in the next summit to be held in an extended format,”, declared Levan Izoria.

As Minister underlined, the Summit planned in Brussels will have symbolic character and will be attended by NATO member nations. This Summit will be held with regard to the formation of the new Administration of the United States. The goal of the Summit is to define the new ways and forms of cooperation together with the United States. Jens Stoltenberg made similar statement on December 2 in Brussels during the meeting with Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili.

“We have decided to hold the summit next year though it will be of minor format. It will provide the platform for the newly elected U.S. President-Donald Trump to hold meetings with NATO member nations. We had a similar Summit in 2001, when George Bush was elected as the U.S. President as well as in 2009. It is very early to say about the exact date of the summit, though only a few meetings will be planned in the framework of it. The main goal of the Summit is to arrange a meeting between the NATO Secretary General and the newly elected U.S. President”, stated Jens Stoltenberg.