Cold Weather Course in JTEC
9 December 2016

Cold Weather Course is underway in Joint NATO-Georgia Training Center (JTEC).

A week-long course including theoretical and practical trainings is conducted jointly under the aegis of JTEC and NATO Center of Excellence – Cold Weather Operations/Norwegian Winter Warfare Center. After the theoretical part, the course participants are mastering in practical trainings on Norio military base, where the Georgian and Norwegian instructors share experience to the military servicemen on how to act in harsh weather conditions.

Within the practical part of the Cold Weather Course, the Georgian soldiers were divided into groups. Each group had to perform the task within the define time. Afterwards, the groups were evaluated in accordance to how effectively they used theoretical knowledge in practice. The instructors also discussed individual decisions taken by soldiers in the concrete situations including building up of shelter in windy or rainy weather conditions, light bonfire, save personal things dry and other details. The participants also analyzed mistakes they have made and got practical advises from their instructors.

Within the Cold Weather Course the participants gained information on how weather conditions effects military operations, cold weather injuries, that can occur during cold and wet weather and how the military may act in harsh weather conditions. During the course the soldiers also learnt how to maintain weapons and other personal equipment in cold and wet environment, space planning and tactical principals in winter operations.

“Cold Weather Course” is being held in Georgia with the participation of the Georgian soldiers for the first time. In the future, JTEC aims to host courses on international level with the engagement of the military from NATO, partner and neighbor countries.

Several of the NATO countries have harsh weather conditions during winter and cold weather training, knowledge and skills are prioritized by NATO. The first winter course with international students was conducted in 1927.

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