Chief of the GS presented his new deputies
24 November 2016

Chief of the General Staff of the GAF has new deputies. Brigadier General Vladimer Chachibaia presented his three deputies to the public: COL Nikoloz Janjgava, COL Shalva Jabakhidze and COL Zaza Chkhaidze.

First Deputy Chief of the General Staff COL Nikoloz Janjgava will coordinate the process of intensification of bilateral cooperation with partner nations.

“COL Nikoloz Janjgava will be responsible for the monitoring of Substantial NATO-Georgia Package implementation and the educational direction. He will be engaged in Georgia`s Readiness Program and will coordinate different trainings and international events”, said Brigadier General Vladimer Chachibaia.

COL Zaza Chkhiadze will be in charge of the General Staff element. According to Chief of Defence, COL Chkhaidze will be responsible for the working of all “J” departments: “he will be the very person, who will consolidate all the departments and services of the GS to help me in decision-making process”.

COL Shalva Jabakhidze will coordinate maneuver, logistic support and combat preparedness elements.

First Deputy of GS COL Nikoloz Janjgava graduated from Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University, History and Law Faculty. He received education in the U.S. Army General Staff Academy as well. In 2012 COL Janjgava was awarded with Master`s Degree of the United States National Defence College in Strategic Sciences. Prior to the appointment on the current position, Nikoloz Janjgava worked as the Head of Operative Department in the GS.

First Deputy Chief of Defence has been serving in the GAF since 1992.

COL Zaza Chkhaidze is the graduate of the Unified Academy of the Georgian Defence Ministry. He finished the CGSC Course and the U.S. Army College. Before nominating on the position of Deputy Chief of the GS, he served as Head of J-2 Intelligence Department.

COL Zaza Chkhaidze has been serving in the GAF since 1994.

COL Shalva Jabakhidze studied at Artillery and Land Forces Command-Tactical faculties of Unified Military Academy of Defence Ministry. In 2008, he underwent Captain Carrier Course in Lithuanian Military Academy and attended Security, Stability, Transaction and Reconstruction Course at George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies . Before designation on the new position, Deputy Chief of Defence served as West Commander of Land Forces.

COL Shalva Jabakhizde has been serving in the GAF since 1998.

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