“NATO-Georgia Exercise 2016” finished
19 November 2016

“NATO-Georgia Exercise 2016” finished officially. The solemn closing ceremony was held at the conference hall of IV Mechanized Brigade. First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the GAF Brigadier General Vladimer Chachibaia attended the event.

During addressing the training participants, First Deputy Chief of the GS congratulated the event participants on the successful accomplishment of the military exercise.

“Similar exercises are conducted in the non- NATO country for the first time. The goal of the exercise was to adopt joint planning and evaluation procedures during NATO-Georgia staff operations. We have shared experience of our partner countries. One of the exercise commanders Major General Wilhelm Grün outlined unilaterally that the Georgian military personnel fulfilled the entrusted duties with high level of professionalism. We have also highlighted future prospects of cooperation and decided to plan the next exercise in shorter span of time and to increase its scales. We have been given some tasks to do for the next exercise, including development of infrastructural projects and maximal mobilization of military personnel”, stated Brigadier General Vladienr Chachibaia.

“NATO-Georgia Exercise 2016” was led in the JTEC from 10-12 November. Command Post Exercise of multinational brigade level is the second such training led under the SNGP. It was the first time when the GS of the GAF led the NATO crisis response operations and it was the first time when the exercise was planned jointly by NATO and Georgian side.

The exercise aimed at the development of skills among the multinational brigade staff members for planning, coordination and execution of operations on the basis of scenario maximally closer to reality.

The brigade-level exercise is supported by NATO’s Allied Command Transformation (ACT), Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC), Land Command (LANDCOM) and other NATO structures and affiliated centres, and hosted by the NATO-Georgia JTEC. Together with the Georgian officers, 250 military servicemen from 11 NATO member nations (Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgium, Slovenia, UK, US) and 2 partner nations (Ukraine and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) took part in the exercise.

The first NATO-Georgia exercise, Agile Spirit 2015, was based on an annual bilateral US-Georgia exercise that was re-designated and opened to participation of NATO Allies and partners.

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