Defence Minister Visited Georgian Military in Germany
25 February 2016

Minister of Defence of Georgia Tinatin Khidasheli visited the Georgian military personnel who prepare for an upcoming combat deployment to Afghanistan by conducting a Mission Rehearsal Exercise in Germany. The 52nd Light Infantry Battalion of the Georgian Armed Forces is accomplishing the pre-deployment training at the U.S. Joint Multinational Readiness Center, headquartered in Hohenfels, Germany. Minister of Defence of Georgia went around the training center along with the members of the Georgian Delegation. They also attended the presentation about the ongoing exercises and received detailed information about pre-deployment training. Together with the U.S. Generals, Tinatin Khidasheli also attended the practical exercises on the site.

As the Georgian Defence Minister said, the level of preparedness received high evaluation from the leadership of the exercise. “It is an ordinary day with all scenario and simulations that is the part of their everyday training. All of these people we see here – commanders, generals are happy with the results of the training. I can only wish our guys success. They will return to Georgia in a month and then they will depart for Afghanistan to carry out their mission there,” she said.

“I could be no more pleased with what the battalion is performing in this demanding training here in Germany. It is going outstanding. It is extremely challenging but they are rising to meet or exceed every standard before them. They are doing an outstanding job. I am more than confident that they will meet the requirements for a mission in Afghanistan,” -Major Robin Daniels from the Liaison Team with the 52nd Battalion said.

Before departure to Germany, the Georgian battalion underwent four-month training at the National Training Center “Krtsanisi. After a month final mission assessment at the oint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC), Germany, the 52nd Battalion will be authorized to deploy to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to carry out the Resolute Support Mission.

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