Minister of Defence holds monitoring over health care of military
20 January 2016

“There is no ground for panic about spreading an influenza virus. Our task is to maximally control the situation to prevent the problems”, states Minister of Defence of Georgia. Tinatin Khidasheli checked the information about the HINI flu virus cases spread among the armed forces. The representatives of all the structural units of the Georgian Armed Forces were present at the emergency video meeting held for preventive measures.

The chiefs of military units provided Minister with a detailed information about the cases of influenza in the army. Tinatin Khidasheli called on brigade commanders to provide an intensive monitoring to prevent influenza cases among military service members.

“The public knows that vigorous preventive measures are taken in the country in order to minimize the risk of spreading viral infections. There is no ground of panic. The duty of our authority is to carry out intensive preventive measures to avoid expansion of influenza cases. The army lives in barracks and they are more vulnerable to viral infections. Even one soldier infected with flu my create problems for others as well. Given that, we are providing a day to day monitoring of military units. Today we have checked the situation in all the military bases. At the moment 12 persons are infected with influenza and are hospitalized in Military Hospital. In case of revealing fever, we must insure a military with a sick leave in order to go through an adequate treatment”-stated Minister of Defence.

Deputy Ministers of Defence of Georgia-Davit Ebralidze, Ana Dolidze and Besik Loladze as well as Deputy Chiefs of the General Staff of the GAF COL Omar Begoidze and COL Nikoloz Agladze attended the meeting.

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