Tinatin Khidasheli making speech at the unified session of Parliamentary Committees
28 December 2015

Candidate for Minister of Defence of Georgia Tinatin Khidasheli discussed current and planned reforms at the unified session of Parliamentary Committees of Legal Affairs, Human Rights Protection and Civil Integration, Procedural Issues and Regulations and Defence and Security.

According to Tinatin Khidasheli, the Draft Project on Defence will be prepared before beginning the spring session. She underlined that it is planned to implement pension reform and legislative changes in the MoD.

Candidate for Defence Minister also spoke about 2016 Program Budget details, toughening administrative responsibility for the misconduct by a military serviceman, transforming nutrition of the Georgian army to Georgian food products and making military uniforms in Georgia. Development of Delta`s potential, professional reserve and cooperation with media during information warfare were also highlighted at the session.

In her speech, Tinatin Khidasheli referred to other issues as well regarding strengthening national air defence capabilities, implementing the terms of agreement concluded with France, the reforms planned in the army, trainings ongoing under the aegis of NATO and social support program-Shoulder to Shoulder aimed at encouraging businessmen and other representatives of the society to support the Georgian military servicemen.