C Hepatitis - Curable Disease in Georgia
26 December 2015

At the initiative of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Protections, LEPL “National Center for Disease Control and Public Health” conducted a screening of C Hepatitis for the military personnel of the Georgian Armed Forces in special mobile ambulances. The screening aim to reveal the cases of C Hepatitis and in case of positive test result start timely treatment of the disease.

Along with the military personnel acting Minister of Defence Tinatin Khidasheli and Minister of Labor, Health and Social Protection Davit Sergeenko also got screening for C Hepatitis.

Tinatin Khidasheli talked about the C Hepatitis Eliminations Program and importance of treatment of the disease: “This is not only a program for treatment of C Hepatitis but program for defeating the disease. This problem should be eradicated in Georgia. Our Army is the part of the Georgian society. With our support and at the initiative of the Ministry of Health we started the screening procedures in the Georgian Army. We are in the IV Mechanizes Brigade but will be spread all over the Georgian Armed Forces. Ministry of Health promised to provide trainings for our doctors. This will foster the process and there will be no need to call doctors from the Ministry of Health. I address all soldiers – next year each of you will be able to get screening. I do hope that our military personnel are healthy. Anyway, this problem is solved and the disease can be cured in Georgia.”

“We launched implementation of the project in April of the current year and it has been a success. The so called screening was accessible for more than 15 000 persons and 6 000 are beneficiaries of the project. In order to continue this program successfully we need to reach maximum number of population. I’d like to thank the Defence Ministry for expressing readiness and join this very important project. We started the screening in the Army and this is an important expression of support,” Davit Sergeenko said.

The free screening program started on November 9 and will last for four months. The project aims to diagnose the disease at early stages and get treatment under the program. The patients will get new generation of medicines free of charge.

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