Georgian Army is provided by Local Meat
25 December 2015

Since the 11th of December 14 military bases of the East Command of the Georgian Armed Forces has been provided by the fresh local meat. Today acting as Defence Minister Tinatin Khidasheli, her first deputy Davit Ebralidze and Deputy Chief of General Staff, Colonel Nikoloz Agladze tested the food prepared by fresh local meat together with the journalists at National Training Center “Krtsanisi”.

Providing with fresh local meat products to the Georgian Army is unprecedented and goes on in a pilot mode. An open electronic tender on purchase Georgian meat was announced on October 27. “Fresh Meat" LTD was a winner of the tender.

Tinatin Khidasheli outlined the importance of providing the Georgian Army with local fresh meat and development of the Georgian business: “We pledged the society in summer to provide the Georgian Armey with the local products. This serves too many goals. Georgian military will get healthy, fresh food, but at the same time this project promotes developing of local business. Defence Ministry spends approximately 40 million GEL in nutrition and we pay huge amount of this sum to the exported products. To my mind, this is absolutely wrong, especially when important agricultural programs have been carrying out in our country for three years… From January all military bases will be provided with the local meat. We also plan to announce tender on chicken meat, we also continue negotiations on providing vegetable and other products which are produced locally. Next year we also have many plans to various directions.”

One of the priorities of the Defence Ministry is to provide the Georgian Army with Georgian agricultural products, which supports production of local products as well. The Defence Ministry has announced 32 electronic tender on more than 100 products, which totally amounts to 15 178 726 GEL. Today bargain will take place, after selection and assessment stage we will reveal winner suppliers in Gori region, East Georgia and West Georgia. The MoD will conclude agreement with the winner companies from January 15, 2016 up to July 15, 2016.

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