Minister of Defence meets wounded military servicemen
23 December 2015

Minister of Defence of Georgia and leadership of the General Staff of the GAF and other structural units met once again the military service members wounded in action during the fights for Georgia`s territorial integrity, in international missions and when fulfilling the service duties. The MoD representatives presented the projects and initiatives planned for 2016 aimed at providing favorable conditions for the wounded military servicemen and their family members.

Head of the Wounded Military Servicemen Supporting Department Paata Patiashvili introduced the projects to the military planed for the next year. One of the programs involves employment of wounded military service members in military and civilian sectors. They will be able to make choice on their own. Those wishing to start working in civilian sector, will have to undergo trainings and retraining.

The new programs initiated by the MoD involve engagement of the military servicemen and their children in educational programs of different universities and offering them free English Language courses, discounts on various services, pension reforms and legal assistance. Deputy Minister Ana Dolidze focused on the establishment of high-level Rehabilitation Center in Tserovani as part of the United States assistance program. Deputy Minister also stressed importance of legal assistance for the military and outlined that from next year they will be provided with free legal consultations on any kind of credit, remuneration or finances related affairs.

After reviewing the future plans and programs, the meeting went on in a question and answer format. The wounded servicemen shared their own problems to the MoD officials. Many of them requested Minister establishing various para sport directions and promoting the participation of military in different sports activities. They also asked assistance in such areas as setting a flexible schedule when getting education in different institutions, setting preferential rates on communal taxes, arranging the courtyards for children in Varketili military town and military blocks of flat in Gori and adaptation of sport halls.

After finishing the meeting, Tinatin Khidasheli focused on significance of supporting wounded military service members and the issues discussed with them.

“We hold meetings with the wounded soldiers from time to time. The goal of these meetings is to implement as many programs as possible in the frames of the MoD activities and to encourage business or civilian sector to relieve their everyday problems. These people do not need assistance from anyone as they are very hard-working. It is important to be aware that the responsibility of employment of the military and their family members should not fall only on the Ministry of Defence but it needs solidarity of all the society. We have achieved agreement from many universities about their engagement in different educational programs. We have agreement as well from businessmen to help us in educating their children. I hope that many people will express willingness to continue support of military. The Mod plans to realize a lot of projects around which we have held debates today.”

Minister of Defence will continue meetings with the amputees in future as well.

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