Chief of General Staff Visited Wounded Soldier
23 December 2015

Chief of General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces, Major General Vakhtang Kapanadze congratulated Christmas and New Year to the Abkhazia War Veteran, wounded retired officer Temur Sakhokia.

“He is a person who participated in a war, in combat activities, suffered from physical and psychological trauma but still stands on his feet steadfast. He raises the future generation and is assisting the Georgian and Ukrainian populations with the help of the Red Cross. He is our comrade-in –arms and I am glad that he is still with us on the frontline. I would like to underline that nobody should feel forgotten in our country. They stand by our side and we need them more than they need us,” General Kapanadze said.

Temur Sakhokia got wounded during demining works near Gumista, in March 1993. He served as the Deputy Commander of Engineering Company of the 23rd Brigade. He is awarded with the Vakhtang Gorgasali III Rank Order.

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