Ana Dolidze met with ICRC representatives
16 December 2015

Deputy Minister of Defence of Georgia Ana Dolidze met with Deputy Head of Delegation of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Catherine Patronoff and ICRCs Regional Coordinator for Missing Persons Lina Milner.

Intensifying the current cooperation between ICRC and Ministry of Defence was highlighted during the meeting. The attendees discussed the three aspects of cooperation-working with archives, International Humanitarian Law aspects and creating a Government Commission.

Deputy Minister of Defence focused on the cooperation areas and plans with the international organization: “Red Cross should be admitted to archives in order to be able to find the people who went missing during the conflicts. We are working on optimization of archives”.

According to Ana Dolidze, Red Cross will be cooperating with the MoD in the area of Humanitarian Law and will be also invited to take part in the debates in the National Defence Academy.

Ana Dolidze focused on the establishment of the Commission as well: “Creating the Government Commission staffed by the representatives of Georgian entities and Red Cross will enable to easily exchange the information on missing persons. We support this initiative together with Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia. We are ready to work with other state agencies to set up the Commission in a relatively short time.”

Deputy Head of Delegation of ICRC Catherine Patronoff positively evaluated a long-standing and fruitful cooperation with the MoD.

Head of Department of International Relations and Euro-Atlantic Integration of MoD Luisa Khitarishvili and J5/9 Strategic Planning, Military Policy and Military Cooperation Department representatives attended the meeting.

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