Colonel Nikoloz Janjgava’s Lecture at National Library
15 December 2015

Officer of General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces, Colonel Nikoloz Janjgava delivered a public lecture on “New Challenges of International Security – From Caliphate to Islamic State” to the juveniles gathered at National Library of Georgian Parliament.

Colonel Nikoloz Janjgava talked about the “Islamic State” and its interests. The lecture was followed by an interesting discussion. The juveniles were interested in possibilities how to prevent terrorism threats and how terrorist organizations manage to gain weapons of mass destruction. The question on terrorism asked by a school boy was paid great attention. Colonel Nikoloz Janjgava outlined that delivering public lectures is a good chance to find out such juveniles. “At today’s lecture we spoke about the threats from the Islamic world, the type of fight in the Middle East, Georgia’s role in this fight and the problems the Islamic State will face in the nearest future”, stated Colonel Janjgava.

At the end of the lecture Deputy Defence Minister Ana Dolidze addressed the audience and emphasized the MoD policy relating to public lectures.

“We not only contribute the knowledge but create it as well. We have real potential at the Ministry to create knowledge and improve standards of education. We have to equate Europe and NATO member countries in the level of education. Colonel Janjgava’s lecture was held within this new vision following by an interesting discussion how Georgia’s future will be in new geopolitical space”, outlined Ana Dolidze.

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