Ministry of Defence starts recruiting in contract-based military service
11 December 2015

Ministry of Defence of Georgia invites citizens from 15 December 2015 and offers them to join contract -based military service.

Recruits at the age of 18-35 and those who have already underwent compulsory or contract-based military service will be enlisted in military service for 4- year term.

The military servicemen will receive high remuneration for four years. The salary of the contactor is 950 GEL and is raised according to rank, position and service years. The military service members will be provided with modern equipment, high level free medical service and with social and legal protection of soldiers including their family members.

Except for a high remuneration, contact-based military service allows career development as well. The military serviceman will be allowed to enhance a professional level with the help of Georgian and foreign instructors, to learn a foreign language and to participate in international operations.

A citizen is required to pass physical and psychological tests and military medical commission.

After all, the recruit is enlisted on a 10 -week long Basic Combat Training (BCT) Course. After enlistment on the course, the soldier is provided with food, military uniform (field equipment), medical service and lodging.

In case of successfully going through the BCT course the recruit is designated on a particular position:

During the BCT course the recruit develops elementary military kills and goes through preparation in the following disciplines:

  1. Tactical training;
  2. Military-engineer training
  3. Protection from mass destruction weapon
  4. General issues
  5. Physical preparation
  6. Military-medical training (theory and practice)
  7. Joint army regulations/military laws
  8. Drilling
  9. Communications
  10. Preparation in shooting (theory and practice)
  11. Military topography

When registering an application, a citizen must present:

  1. Identification card (original and copy)
  2. Photo 3X4-2 copies;
  3. Military service card
  4. Medical certificate
  5. Sport uniform (footwear)

In the process of selection, a citizen enjoys the status of a candidate and is required to present the following documents:

  1. Service record (issued in military section)
  2. Application (filled up in military section)
  3. Blank form (filled up in military section)
  4. Autobiography (handwritten or printed)
  5. Birth certificate
  6. Identification Card
  7. Copy of diploma or any other qualification document
  8. Copy of marriage (divorce) certificate
  9. Copy of birth certificate of children
  10. Identification cards of family members
  11. Copy of driving license (if available)
  12. 12. Certificate of health (issued by Military Hospital)
  13. Certificate of prophylactic injections (MMR- measles, rubella, mumps: TD-tetanus, diphtheria)
  14. Drug test (laboratorial test)
  15. Certificate of conviction
  16. Certificate from Social Service Agency
  17. Copy of service record (if available)
  18. Copy of certificate
  19. Military card or military-registration certificate (copy or original)
  20. Photo 3X4-4 copies (coloured and electronic version CD)

Documents are accepted in the National Training Centre “Krtsanisi” from December 15, 2015 in working days from 10:00 till 14:00

Address: Gardabani, village Krtsanisi

Tel: 595 050685; 595 050673.

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