Chief of the General Staff in Cadets Military Lyceum
8 December 2015

Chief of the General Staff of the GAF Major General Vakhtang Kapanadze visited Cadets Military Lyceum, met with the first year cadets and delivered a lecture to them. The main topics of the lecture covered the situation in the army, functions of a commander and a leader and the reasons for aspiring to NATO . Chief of GS also answered the questions of cadets.

“This is the very generation, who should replace us. Though not all of them may decide to become a military but I believe that a lot of them will choose the military career. Each cadet who will graduate from the Military Lyceum, will be an educated and healthy personality equipped with leadership skills” said Major General Vakhtang Kapanadze.

At present 118 cadets are registered on the first course of cadets Military Lyceum.

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