CSDP High Level Conference
8 December 2015

Common Security and Defence Policy High Level Conference opened in the Hotel “Courtyard Marriot”. The EU Ambassador to Georgia Janos Herman and Secretary of State Security and Crises Management Council of Georgia Mindia Janelidze unveiled the forum. Deputy Minister of Defence Ana Dolidze addressed the participants. She highlighted Georgia`s contribution to the missions led under the aegis of EU and remarked that from September Georgia will be engaging in EU civil missions as well. According to Ana Dolidze, Georgia is ready to share its knowledge and experience with its partners.

“Europe faces a lot of security challenges. Everyone remembers 13 November tragedy that happened in Paris, and we must not forget our tragedy of 13 June. Both were crisis situations. Crisis management is a very crucial issue both in Europe and in its neighborhood countries. It is good that Georgia hosts such a high-level conference for the first time. Georgia is not only consumer of knowledge but provider as well, that`s why we welcome the dialogue led during this conference and I am sure we will use it in the formation of policy on EU” said Ana Dolidze.

Janos Herman outlined significance of conducting of CSDP High Level Conference in Georgia and reaffirmed significance of Georgia`s participation in the international peacekeeping operations: “we appreciate Georgia` contribution to the missions led in the frames of Common Security and Defence Policy. The case of Georgia is special, as not only Georgian military contingent is engaged in EU missions but Georgia is hosting the EU mission on its territory for certain reasons. Tbilisi is a wonderful place to host such conferences. We have recently developed Europe`s Neighborhood Policy Review Document which determines the regional policy aspects with our Eastern partners. One of the significant part of the document is stability and security direction. Intensive discussions are on as to what kind of steps should be taken in the frames of Europe`s Neighbourhood Policy to enhance security of EU partner countries. We face binary challenges in EU space. I think this conference is held just in time and I am sure that all the issues listed by me will be discussed during the forum.”

In the frames of three- day conference the representatives of Ministry of Defence and different state entities as well as the EUMM representatives will hold discussions on a number of issues: terrorism, hybrid threats, cyber security and migration, as well as the military and civil missions implemented under the EU throughout the world.

Georgia hosts CSDP High Level Conference from the first time. An international forum was planned in cooperation with EUMM and is conducted by State Security and Crisis Management Council.

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