Meet the Hero of Our Country
7 December 2015

On December 6, social project - “Meet the Hero of Our Country” – was presented during the Business Champions League game at a new Sports Palace.

The project was initiated by the sports agency SBM carried out with the support of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia. Social project aims to introduce the public outstanding and distinguished soldiers who fought the battles for territorial integrity of Georgia and participated in international missions.

The first guest was a 27 year old Corporal Tristan Chitidze, participant of the Shindisi Battle of 2008 Russia-Georgia war. Corporal Chitidze attended the central game between “PSP” and “Natakhtari”. He took photos with the teams and received symbolic gifts from the organizers.

Tristan Chitidze is one of the heroes of the battle occurred on 11 August 2008. It took him eight surgeries from that tragic day; four were conducted in Georgia, four in Israel. After a year and a half treatment of Corporal Chitidze both legs were saved.

Today he is actively engaged in a health way of life. Every day he runs 20 kilometers. Recently, he took part in the 42-kilometer marathon with his friends.

Social project “Meet the Hero of Our Country” will be carried out once a month and fans will have the opportunity to get to know the Georgian soldiers during the Business Champions League games.

The amateur teams of Successful business and government organizations are participating in the Business Champions League. 2015-2016 season is the eighth in the history of Business Champions League. The tournament, in its sense, is propaganda of a healthy way of life and serves to raise corporate spirit in organizations.

This year’s championship is being held in six different corporate and non-corporate league formats with the 60 teams in it.

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