Defence Minister at National Defence Executive Course
4 December 2015

The last panel of National Defence Executive Course referred to NATO-Georgia cooperation. Defence Minister of Georgia addressed the course participants. She stressed on the NATO Foreign Ministerial held in Brussels and outlined that NATO confirmed its open door policy for the first time after 2009; that this policy is effective, it works and partner countries join it. “At the end of the ministerial everyone emphasized that next stop is Georgia and Georgia’s perspective is awaited positively. That’s why there is a note in Communiqué that Georgia has all instruments for membership. This is vital and now we have to build on this our success before upcoming Warsaw Summit”, stated Defence Minister while delivering a speech. Minister also highlighted NATO-Georgia Commission format as an instrument of membership into the Alliance and named internal outlook of Georgia and consolidated attitude as important factors.

Tinatin Khidasheli referred to the support from partner countries Georgia has on the way to NATO integration. As she said, at NATO open door policy Montenegro was invited to become NATO member; this process is very valuable for Georgia. Minister provided the statement of Foreign minister of Lithuania as example that the next aims of NATO is Georgia. She also remembered the loud statement made by Foreign Minister of Slovakia, that the next station of NATO open door policy is Georgia.

Tinatin Khidasheli gave full answers to the course participants. On the question concerning East European countries view towards Georgia’s NATO integration, Defence Minister provided examples of France and Germany: “We returned with a very positive agenda from Berlin. Berlin fully supports Georgia’s NATO membership. France is the best example – in September President of France stated NATO enlargements isn’t on the agenda, but yesterday NATO enlarged. Because of the world’s dynamic, I am sure Georgia will become a member of North Atlantic Alliance by all means”.

Advisor to Defence Minister Shota Gvineria delivered information to the course participants on the SNGP implementation process. As he outlined serious progress is affixed weekly in the implementation process. “Georgia is the first country which launched implementation of the Substantial Package. Therefore, nobody has experience Georgia could share from other countries in this regard. Each project is in active phase of implementation. This means that NATO member countries have sent advisors, who work with the Georgian counterparts to achieve progress. We have perceivable results”, stated Shota Gvineria. He highlighted three main projects within SNGP – DIB, JTEC and logistics direction.

Ambassadors of Estonia and Romania were also the speakers of the session: NATO-Georgia Relations. The diplomats once more emphasized that Estonia and Romania fully support Georgia’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and Euro-Atlantic membership.

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