Alive Books in the Army
7 November 2015

Ministry of Defence begins a new project named as “Alive Books in the Army”. Under the project meetings will be held between soldiers and writers.

Within the project, Memorandum was concluded between MoD and Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia in Giorgi Antsukhelidze NCO Training Centre. Deputy Minister of Defence Besik Loladze and Deputy Minister of Culture and Monuments Protection Manana Berikashvili signed the document on mutual cooperation.

Today, Georgian writers and poets visited the NCO training Centre and presented their compositions to the military. Giorgi Arabuli, Shota Iatashvili, Beqa Kurkhuli, Gaga Nakhutsrishvili, Nika Jorjaneli, Kato Javakhishvili, Zvaid Ratiani, Mariam Tsiklauri, Tako Fkhaladze and Ninia Sadgobelashvili read the verses and stories to the soldiers and presented them with books. Afterwards the military also read verses and asked questions on different themes.

“Today, a significant project has begun. The writers personally meet the soldiers and read them their writings. The military are allowed to get familiar with the writers and ask various questions and the writers are given the opportunity to communicate with the best part of our society –soldiers”, said Deputy Minister of Defence Besik Loladze.

This project is implemented throughout the whole country. As part of the initiative it is planned to publish a special book.

“The writers also had a tour in different regions. From this day they will frequently visit military units. After the project the book “Writer`s Diary” will be published”, outlined the Project leader- advisor to Minister of Culture and Monuments Protection Ketevan Dumbadze.

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