Corporal Ramaz Davitaia Buried with Military Honor
16 June 2015

Georgian military servicemen, who died because of serious wounds in Afghanistan was buried with military honor in the village Satsuleiskiro today. First Deputy Defence Minister Davit Ebralidze, First Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Brigadier General Vladimer Chachibaia, West Commander of Land Forces, Colonel Mikheil Sadunishvili and brothers-in-arm of Corporal Davitaia arrived in Senaki region to pay tribute to the Georgian soldier. They once more expressed condolences to the family of fallen military and pledged support.

Secretary of Security Council Irine Imerlishvili and U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Richard Norland also attended the funeral. Richard Norland handed U.S. state flag to the family of Corporal Davitaia as a symbol.

Military band of National Guard performed requiem at the funeral. Honor Guard fired salvo to pay tribute to Corporal Davitaia.

Corporal of 23rd Battalion of II Infantry Brigade of the GAF deceased in the Military Hospital of Ministry of Defence. The Georgian soldier was heavily wounded while fulfilling the mission in Afghanistan on 20 June, 2012. He underwent a long treatment and medical rehabilitation both in Georgian and German clinics.

Ramaz Davitaia served in the Armed Forces from 26 June 2007. He was awarded with Vakhtang Gorgasali III rank Order, Medal for “Participation in Peacekeeping Operations” and Service Medal for “Combat Wound”.

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