Demining activities finished in Megvrekisi
2 May 2015
Mine-clearing activities are over in Shida Kartli region. The village area cleared from dangerous and hazardous explosives was officially assigned to the local authorities. The mine-clearing works in the last village was carried on by an International Humanitarian Organization The HALO Trust in coordination with Ministry of Defence of Georgia.  The specialists cleared the village territory of about 270,6 hectare from 282 explosive materials.
The mine-cleared area of the village was personally inspected by Defence Minister Nodar Kharshiladze and the Ambassador of the United States of America to Georgia, John R. Bass. The official event was also attended by Shida Kartli Governor Lado Vardzelashvili.
“In the aftermath of the 2008 August war, the local population of the village appeared exposed to many threats directly related to the unexploded materials discovered on site.  We invested all the efforts to take care of each villager, minimizing the danger to a maximum extent. The major part of the territory is completely unmined”, declared Nodar Kharshiladze.
Demining activities finished in Shindisi, the region of Gori, as well. The specialists from the HALO Trust removed the remnants of cluster bombs from the affected area (95,5 hectare) of the vilage. The mine-cleared territory was officially transferred yesterday to Defence Ministry leadership.
Furthermore, It should be noted that the International Organization “ Information Management and Mine Action Programs (iMMAP, US) operating in Georgia insured monitoring of the quality of humanitarian demining activities in different villages of Shida Kartli.
Mine removing operations in Shida Kartli was carried out thanks to the US-allocated funds. Since August of 2008 the United States earmarked for the HALO Trust-led program in Georgia around 6,7 million dollars, out of which 4,3 mln was disbursed for clearing the entire territory of Shida Kartli affected by the wa last year.  In total, 18 villages were completely cleared from various hazardous explosives.