Georgian Unit is Ready to Join NRF
2 May 2015

“Alfa” Company of the 12th Battalion of the 1st Infantry Brigade has already finished training to join NATO Response Force.

“Alfa” Company conducted demonstration exercise on Vaziani firing range. Observer group composed from the Georgian military assessed level of preparedness of the company. According to the preliminary assessment of the National Assessment Group, the company successfully accomplished its task and is interoperable with NATO units.

Deputy Chief of General Staff of the GAF, Colonel Roman Jokhadze, Commander of the Eastern Command of the Land Forces, Colonel Alexandre Kiknadze, Commander of the I Infantry Brigade, Colonel Giorgi Shengelia, members of the National Assessment Group and representatives of the Office of Defence and Cooperation (ODC) attended the final exercise.

According to the simulated scenario, insurgents hinder the central government of the imitated country to run the country. NATO Response Forces is helping the local government to regain control over the region. Georgian Company intelligence detachment received information that hostile forces fortify in the village where they arranged IED factory and weapon cache. Georgian military decides to conduct cordon and search operation.

Since August 2013 till now, Georgian military underwent special trainings as in Georgia as well as in Germany.  The trainings in Hohenfels were conducted in the framework of NATO Operational Capabilities Concept. Evaluation of the level of preparedness of the Georgian servicemen was carried out in the United States Joint Multinational Command Training Center. 

Prior to Germany, the company underwent intensive training in Georgia. During ten months they underwent training in protection, clearing, cordon; convoy, also, search and rescue operations.

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