Immediate Response
2 May 2015
The demonstrative exercise of the joint US-Georgia training “Immediate Response” was conducted today. The simulated peace-support exercise proceeded in presence of journalists, MoD and JS representatives together with American brigadier generals Jefferson S. Burton and Steven L. Salazar.
A new two week phase of the military training titled as “Immediate Response”, designed for preparing the Georgian militaries to participate in the ISAF operation in Afghanistan started on October 26. The exercise is designed to promote Georgian militaries interoperability during the international security assistance mission in Afghanistan. At this phase of the training, Georgian military servants are going through the preparatory trainings especially for the counter-terrorist operations. Georgian servants will carry out the operations side by side with American soldiers. “The United States expresses its appreciation about Georgia’s strong commitment to participate voluntarily in the most crucial peacekeeping operation in Afghanistan”- is declared in the official statement issued by the United States Embassy to Georgia.
MoD of Georgia reaffirmed its position several times in the previous days, regarding intended involvement in the ISAF operation - Georgian high ranking defence officials made official statements on the NATO Ministerial. According to the Minister of Defence Bacho Akhalaia - “Georgia fully realizes that ISAF is NATO number one priority and the most difficult mission in the history of Alliance. The establishment of peace and security in Afghanistan remains our common challenge and we should join our efforts to ensure successful accomplishment of the mission.” The training “Immediate Response” is ongoing at the Vaziani military base.  Today’s exercise has been evaluated positively by the US high-ranking militaries as well.