Military signalmen celebrating the Professional Day
2 May 2015

Today Georgian military signalmen are celebrating the Professional Day. A special solemn ceremony dedicated to this occasion and the completion of exercise “Communication 2009” was held in Saguramo based Communications Battalion. The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Defence, Nikoloz Dzimtseishvili and Deputy Chief of Joint Staff of Georgian Armed Forces, Brigadier General, Davit Nairashvili.

Officers from Land Forces, National Guard Department, Special Operational Forces Staff and Training and Military Education Command participated in the exercise. The purpose of the training course, which has been undergone by 166 military servicemen, was to enhance the communication capacity in the active armed forces of Georgia.  In the course of the training, the servicemen got themselves familiar with the ways of arranging the effective communication channels within the units and management of land forces units through radio connections. They became aware as well of the advanced communications systems. “Communication 2009” launched on 1st of October and came to an end officially on 9th of October.

I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate the Georgian signalmen with the successful completion of the course and as well as with the Professional Day. Generally, this kind of military branch represents one of the core services in the armed forces. Without a proper communication system in military, armed forces will not be able to perform their duties effectively. Thus, signalmen are considered the very important military personnel for the national army”-declared Deputy Minister Nikoloz Dzimtseishvili. In the scope of the occasion military men arranged the demonstrative exercise.

Towards the end of the training course “Communications 2009”, the participating officers were granted with the special certificates.