Memorial to the Fallen Hero Unveiled
2 May 2015
Memorial and square dedicated to Valeri Gognadze, who heroically died in the August war last year, were opened in the village of Ghvinkiti, Terjola region today. Along with the relatives of the fallen soldier, the opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Defence Minister Nikoloz Dzimtseishvili, Land Forces Commander of GAF Col. Shmagi Telia and his Deputy Col. Alexander Kiknadze. Corporal Gognadze served in the 21st battalion of the 2nd Infantry Brigade of the Georgian armed forces. Last year on the 11th of August he heroically fell near Tskhinvali. “We all must remember those members of the armed forces who dedicated their lives to their motherland and our wellbeing. We must pay tribute to their heroic deeds by respecting and caring for their families, friends and relatives. I strongly believe that as time passes by, more people will learn about them and revere their names, devotion and heroism,” declared Deputy Defence Minister at the opening ceremony. Ministry of Defence of Georgia intensively supports the families of the combatants fallen during the August war last year and plans to implement the similar events in the future as well.