Georgian Armed Forces Day
2 May 2015
Georgian Army celebrates on its 22nd anniversary. Georgia Arms Day is marked on all military bases. Defence Minister Irakli Alasania congratulated the officers on their professional day at Defence Ministry. Georgian military servicemen could listen to Minister’s address at the solemn ceremony on each base: “Id like to congratulate you on the 22nd anniversary of Georgian Armed Forces. You have proved many times during recent years that you serve your country faithfully at the expense of your life. Motherland, Honor and Loyalty – this is the slogan of our armed forces. These are not only the words said in an address to the Georgian army. You and your co-fighters have showed that you are the valuable citizens of Georgia who continue the way of our predecessors. There is no bullet which will force you to stop as your roots are in Georgia, in the country which was invaded by enemy for a lot of times with aim to destroy it but in vain. I am proud that I have the honor to serve you and stand beside you as a private soldier”. Military servicemen observed a minute of silence in tribute of the soldiers fallen for Georgian territorial integrity. Defence Minister, Chief of Joins Staff of GAF, Colonel Irakli Dzneladze and his deputy, Colonel Lasha Beridze awarded 36 successful officers. Service medals were granted to 152 military servicemen of GAF.
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