US Experts`s visit in Georgia
2 May 2015

High-ranking officials of US George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies are paying an official visit to Georgia. Today, the US experts have arrived at Ministry of Defence.

The goal of the visit is to review the issues of interdepartmental coordination in the course of security sector management and national security revision.

At the today` meeting, the experts took an interest in the progress of defence sector of National Security Review (NSR) and studied local needs and capacities in this regard.

The official delegation staying in Georgia include the following top officials: Dr. John M. Treddenick, Professor of Defence Economics and Chairman of Department of Nonresident Activities at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies; Mr. Vernon Hodges, Eurasia Security Sector Reform Strategist for the George C. Marshall European Center for Security  Studies and Tiffany Petros, supporting defence reform efforts of the Office of the Secretary of Defence / Partnership Strategy and Stability Operations.

Among the Georgian representatives, attending the meeting, were headship of MoD departments and “ODC” and “CUBIC” leaders. The US group of experts also schedules to hold meetings in various governmental entities.

The delegation will leave the country on 16th of  September.