Government reports to people in Kvemo Kartli
2 May 2015

Georgian Government held the public event “Report to People” this time in the city of Rustavi. This introductory event  has been organized on the Jhiuli Shartava Avenue today.  During the exhibition the local population was allowed to personally get familiar with general activities and achievement of state entities and among them of Ministry of Defence.

Kvemo Kartli population had the opportunity to take a view of the basic combat and technical equipment demonstrated on the stands. Moreover, the visitors learnt the detailed information about the achievements and future plans of Defence Ministry and Armed Forces through military literature, magazines and video recordings.

Minister of Defence, Bacho Akhalaia personally answered the visitors` questions. During the exhibition, Minister was accompanied by JS senior officials. Towards the end, he provided a brief comment, saying “we have presented the report concerning all the key aspects of Military Entity. Officers representing the Ministry here are ready to answer any kind of questions in case of additional interest from the public. They are clarifing in detail the usual activities of Ministry and the purpose and potential of demonstrated military equipment. We have also presented the programs to be implemented in the nearest future.”

Among the official visitors, there were Georgian Prime Minister, Nika Gilauri,  Kvemo Kartli Governor, Davit Kirkidadze and governmental representatives.

Similar event “Report to People” was first held in Tbilisi on the 5th of September, on the Rutsaveli Avenue. As PM said, the national exhibition of this type would be held in various regions of the country.