New initiatives of Defence Ministry introduced to the military in Afghanistan
2 May 2015

The delegation of Ministry of Defence of Georgia visited the province of Helmand, Afghanistan. Under the directive of Defence Minister, Deputy Chief of the JS of GAF Colonel Lasha Beridze, Chief of the Staff of Land Forces LTC Malkhaz Makarade, Army Sergeant Aluda Kopaliani and Assistant to Minister Nodar Epremidze presented Defence Ministry`s new initiatives to the military servicemen deployed in Afghanistan. As it is known , the remuneration of military has already increased by 25 percent. The visitors briefed the soldiers on the improved Insurance Package details and planned restructurisation of debt liabilities for MoD employees. The MoD officials inspected the bases of “Shukvani”, “Ertoba”, “Lazika” and “Shirgazi” and became familiar with 32nd and 12th battalions living conditions. They pledged the Georgian military that upon their return to Georgia they will be offered better social conditions and improved infrastructure.  

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