Tribute paying to the memory of Junkers
2 May 2015

Minister of Defence of Georgia paid tribute to the memory of the Georgina Junkers. Irakli Alasania laid wreath on the Memorial of the Junkers killed in the fight for independence of Georgia in Kojori in February 25, 1921.

“The history of Georgia is rich with examples of heroic deeds and devotion, but what our Junkers did is exemplary for our youth and armed forces boosting our morale and courage. We have assembled here today to pay tribute to the memory of the killed Junkers. We think of our armed forces –what it would be like tomorrow and after 10 years. The Junkers` heroism will remain as one of the worthy examples in the life of Georgian military,” said Georgian Minister of Defence Irakli Alasania.

Te top brass of JS of GAF and deputy ministers attended the ceremony. The attendees held a moment of silence to the remembrance of the deceased cadets. Archpriest Davit Londaridze conducted a church service in commemoration of the Georgian Junkers.

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