Summer Mountain Training Course Completed
2 May 2015
Mountain Training School Instructors accomplished the Summer Mountain trainings. A ceremony to mark ending of the training course and certificates awarding has been held in Sachkhere Mountain Training School today.

The awarding ceremony was attended by Deputy Commander of the Land Forces of GAF, Col. Aleksandre Kiknadze, Chief of the Mountain Training School, Major Malkhaz Merlani and Defence Attaché of France COL Daniel Chambon.

During the five-week exercises the Georgian servicemen were trained via theoretical and practical preparations in rock climbing straight up and straight down as well as in horizontal  position, moving on mountain locations and march-running obstacle course, forced crossing, adaptation and getting on and planning routs by using different techniques and facilities.

18 instructors entered the training course, graduated it with honors and were granted the certificates and special badges for successful completion.

The Summer Mountain Training Course started on June 20 and was officially accomplished today.