Championship in Rugby
2 May 2015
The Georgian Armed Forces First Cup in rugby has completed. The tournament was hosted by the city of Batumi from August 10 till August 16.

8 teams divided via the East –West principle have participated in two subgroups. Teams, winners in subgroups and taken the second place were competing through the play-off system. The first finalist was identified between teams of the 2nd Infantry Brigade and the National Defence Academy. The 2nd Brigade won the match for the title. In another semifinal team of the 1st   Infantry Brigade gained over the 4th Infantry Brigade.   The third place was taken by the 4th Brigade. The final fight was impressionable as well. Teams of the 2nd and the 3rd brigades were playing for champion’s title. Only one lelo defined a fortune and the 2nd Infantry Brigade has become a champion’s title holder.

The top goal-scorer and player of tournament were named as well. Corporal of the 2nd Brigade, Irakli Pochkhua was chosen in this nomination.

After the Cup the first army combined team established has participated in the sand- rugby tournament. Where the Georgian Army team gained a victory over the Armenian National Team and took the second place. The municipality of the city of Batumi awarded tournament participants with letters of commendation and valuable presents.