Field Training of the Education Command came to an end
2 May 2015
Training and Military Education Command has completed field training.
During one month the Command Staff was located   at the base of Armored Training Centre in Akhaltsikhe. The personnel (officers, sergeants and corporals) were divided into two “A” and “B” groups.

Apart from daily functional responsibilities military personnel have learned tactical method of fighting. They were trained in theoretical and practical issues. In the framework of the training they have undergone land navigation, raid, ambush, first medical aid and other basic trends of individual skills of the military servicemen as well as fire preparation, signal and enjoiners training.

At the end of the training the concluding exercise took place. According to the legend partisan detachment has performed raid and ambush operation. They have damaged enemy forces and destroyed enemy logistic convoy. Concluding training was lasting for seven hours and ended with 20 km. march.

One-month field training of the Training and Military Education Command started on July 15 and Finished on August 14. Twelve corporals have taken Military Oath at the end of the training.