Memorial of Heroes was decorated with Wreaths
2 May 2015
Memorial to the Georgian heroes fallen for the territorial integrity of the fatherland in the August war has been decorated with wreaths.
Family members of the killed soldiers, First Deputy Defence Minister, Vladime Chachibaia and Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff of GAF, Brigadier General Davit Nairashvili have attended the ceremony.
Father Michael, priest of the St. Nikoloz Church has served funeral rites to commemorate the Georgian military servicemen who made supreme sacrifice for the unity and integrity of the country.
The First Deputy defence Minister commented today’s event: “Today is one year anniversary since Corporal Vakhtan Gzirishvili was killed, we would like to pay tribute to his memory as well as to the honor of the memories of all heroes of August war and Abkhazia and Samachablo battles.”

The memorial to the Corporal Vakhtang Gzirishvili, bravely perished during the Russia-Georgia war, has been attended by the family members of the hero and the high-ranking representatives of MoD today. MoD officials went to Rustavi city to the street named after Corporal Vakhtang Gzirishvili and laid wreath at the Memorial. The church service was performed to the honor of fallen corporal by Father Michael as well.