Demining works complete in Kvemo Khviti
2 May 2015
The village of Kvemo Khviti in Gori District has been completely cleaned up of mines and unexploded materials. The international organization “Norwegian People’s Aid” has carried out the clearance works in the village. All the unexploded military materials have been swept from the territory and the demining lands were turned over to the local governments. Kvemo Khviti is one of the three completely cleaned territories.
According to the statement of Mr. Kartlos Koranashvili, Deputy Head of Administration of MoD - “About 500 thousand square meters were cleaned up from the debris of war.
Mine-diffusion specialists discovered the unexploded 57 cluster bombs and 33 unexploded ammunitions in the village. There is a point on 90 safe lives.”
Along with the international organizations, specifically prepared 39 locals were also participating in the cleaning of the dangerous territory in Gori district.
By request of the Defence Ministry of Georgia and its coordination the international organization “Norwegian People’s Aid” has been working in cooperation with the US-British organization HALO TRUST to clear unexploded ordnance since September, 2008.  In the framework of the memorandums of understanding “On Humanitarian Mine Action Assistance” signed between the Defence Ministry of Georgia and above mentioned organizations, they perform mine and highly explosive materials clearance procedures those parts of Georgian territory which were bombarded and mined in August 2008.
The humanitarian mine cleaning process on hazardous territories in Gori, Kareli, Khashuri and Kaspi regions will complete towards the end of October current year.