Mission in the Central African Republic

European Union Force in Republic of Central Africa (EUFOR RCA)


The European Union launched a military operation (EUFOR RCA) in the Central African Republic in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2134 on 28 January 2014. Initially the mission number was limited to approximately 750 military servicemen; its mandate was determined for only 6 months; and for two areas (two districts of the capital city and airport).


EUFOR RCA mandate was extended for 3 months till the end of March 2015 by the European Council decision of 7 November 2014 in order to conduct peaceful transition of the mission to the United Nations (MINUSCA).


Georgia joined the EUFOR RCA in June 2014. Initially Georgia deployed one light infantry company-size unit (156 PAX) which was replaced by two platoon-size units (85 PAX) in December 2014. In addition, one Liaison Officer was deployed in the headquarters of the European Union Operations (Larisa, Greece) in April 2014. Georgia successfully completed participation in the mission in March 2015.


European Union Military Advisory Mission in the Republic of Central Africa (EUMAM RCA)


On 16 March 2015, the European Council issued a decision to launch a military advisory mission (EUMAM RCA) in the Central African Republic.


The goal of the mission was to assist the authorities of Central African Republic in carrying out the reforms in the armed forces.


Georgian Immediate Reaction Team of 5 PAX was deployed to the mission on 12 October 2015 on a six-month rotation basis (2nd rotation was conducted in April 2016). Georgia’s participation in the mission was successfully completed in July 2016 (end of EUMAM RCA).


European Union Training Mission in the Republic of Central Africa (EUTM RCA)


On 19 April 2016, the European Council officially made a decision to deploy the EU Training Mission in Central African Republic from July 2016 in order to promote the country's defense sector reform. The duration of the mission was 2 years, until 20 September 2018. The goal of the mission is to rebuild modern, effective, ethnically balanced, and democratically responsible armed forces.


Georgian platoon-size unit (35 PAX) has been deployed in the EUTM RCA as a force protection mission since 31 January 2017 on the basis of the Decree N5482-II of June 22, 2016 of the Parliament of Georgia.  Georgian platoon will participate in the Mission till the end of the EUTM RCA mandate on a six-month rotation basis.