Joni Tatunashvili
Deputy Chief of the Georgian Defence Forces of Ministry of Defence – Chief of General Staff

Military Rank: Major General

Date of Birth: 1976

Marital Status: wife and two children

Foreign Languages: English, Russian

Civil Education:
  • The Joint Military Academy of Ministry of Defence – The History  (Bachelor’s Academic Degree)
Military Education:
  • Joint Military Academy of ministry of Defence of Georgia - Faculty of Land Forces, Motor Rifle Forces Command and Staff Specialization;

  • David Agmashenebeli National Defence Academy of Georgia - Command and General Staff College (CGSC)
  • Medal “Military Honor”;

  • NATO Medal;

  • Medal “Military Courage“;

  • Medal for “Irreproachable Service in the System of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia”, I Class;

  • Medal “General Kvinitadze”;

  • Medal for Participation in Peacekeeping Missions;

  • Medal “Devoted to Motherland”;

  • Medal “General Kvinitadze”;

  • Medal for Participation in Peacekeeping Missions;

Participation in combat operations:

2004 - Samachablo Region

2008 - The Russo-Georgian War

Participation in International Missions:

  • KFOR Peacekeeping Mission, Kosovo;

  • Peacekeeping and Restoration Mission , Iraq;

  • ISAF Mission, Senior Military Representative of the Georgian Military Contingent , Islamic Republic of Afghanistan;
Work Experience:

09/07/2020 – Present - Deputy Chief of the Georgian Defence Forces – Chief of General Staff;

  • Commander of the West Command of the Defence Forces;

  • Deputy Commander of the West Command of the Land Forces;

  • Commander of the 5th Infantry Brigade;

  • Senior National Representative (Afghanistan), International Security Assistance force (ISAF);

  • Chief of Combat Training Division of J-7 Military Education and Training Department;

  • Chief of the Staff of Land Forces Command;

  • Chief of Staff of the I Infantry Brigade;

  • Commander of the 12th Light Infantry Battalion of   I Infantry Brigade;

  • Chief of the Staff of 12th Light Infantry Battalion of I Infantry Brigade;

  • S-3 Officer,  Light Infantry Battalion (Commando);

  • Chief of the Operational and Combat Training Service of the "Commando" Battalion of the Special Forces;

  • Commander of the I Squadron of the Separate Intelligence Battalion of the Intelligence Division;

  • Commander of I platoon of the Training Centre, Intelligence Division;
  • Airborne Course; Georgia

  • Staff and Command Course, Georgia

  • International and National Security course for Georgian Ministry of Defence General Staff’s High Rank Military Personnel, Georgia;

  • Observer-Controller Course, Georgia;

  • Intensive English Language Course, Georgia;

  • International Military English Language Course, Great Britain;

  • NATO Defence Forces Course, Germany;

  • Strategic Leadership Course, Georgia;

  • English language course, Bulgaria.