Zaza Chkhaidze
Deputy Chief of the Georgian Defence Forces

Military Rank: Major General
Date of Birth: 25.10. 1974
Marital Status: wife and three children
Foreign Languages: English, Turkish, Russian


Civil Education:

1989-1992 Restorer of Architectural Monuments; Tbilisi 18th Professional –Technical College

1994-1998 National Defense Academy of Georgia – Bachelors degree in history.

2017- 2020 Georgian Technical University – Doctors degree in international relationships.

2020 Academician of the Social Science Academy of Georgia.

Military Education:

1994-1998 Joint Military Academy of ministry of Defense of Georgia, Faculty of Land Forces, Bachelor’s Academic Degree.
2011 Command and General Staff College (CGSC), National Defence Academy, Ministry of Defence of Georgia;
2015-2016 Additional Courses, the U.S. Army College;
01/05/1999-24/05/1999 Combat Course, 10th Special Forces Group, Colorado, the USA;
08/06/1999-08/07/1999 Paratrooper`s Course;
01/07/1999-08/10/1999 Beginner Commando`s Course, Low Intensity Conflicts Research Centre,
Ministry of Defence of Georgia;
22/10/1999-22/10/2000 Commando Course, Commando School of Turkish Republic;
06/05/2001-26/06/2001 Airborne Training, Response Forces, Ministry of Defence of Georgia;
19/07/2001-29/07/2001 Peacekeeping Trainings, Ukraine;
10/01/2005-04/02/2005 “Leader of Georgia “Course, Land Forces ` School of Turkish Republic;
17/09/2007-09/11/2007 Command-Post Exercise, I Infantry Battalion.
16-23/07/2017               Senior Strategic Leadership Program, UK


2016 Medal “Devoted to Motherland”;
2013 Medal “General Kvinitadze”;
2013 Medal “General Mazniashvili”;
2011 Medal “For Meritorious Service”, I rank;
2010 Medal “For Meritorious Service”, II rank;
2008 Service Medal III rank;
2002 Vakhtang Gorgasali Order III rank;
2002 NATO Medal.

Work Experience:

2018 - Present - Deputy Chief of the Georgian Defence Forces;
2016 - 2018 - Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces;
2016 - Head of J-2 Intelligence Department;
2015-2016 - Senior Officer, II Section of I Division of J-2 Intelligence Department;
2012-2014 - II Infantry Brigade Commander;
2009-2010 - Senior Officer, Information-Analytical Section of G-2 Intelligence Division, Staff of Land Forces;
2007-2009 - Chief of G-2 Intelligence Division, I Infantry Brigade;
2006-2007 - Commander of Logistic Battalion;
2004-2005 - III Infantry Brigade Commander;
2003-2004 - Commander of Special Operations Forces (SOF) Brigade;
2002-2003 - Commander of Special Operations Forces (SOF) Brigade;
2001-2002 - I Company Commander, Kojori SOF;
05/02/2001-21/10/2001 - Commander of II Special Operations Company, Special Operations Battalion, Response Forces;
20/06/1999-05/11/1999 - I Subunit Commander, Military Operations` Centre for Low Intensity Conflicts;
1998-1999 - Planning Officer of Operative and Combat Training service, “Non-Military Operations Centre”.