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24 ივნისი 2016

Tinatin Khidasheli: “I hope that female students will join the Cadets’ Military Lyceum”

The end of academic year was marked with a solemn ceremony at the General Kvinitadze Cadets’ Military Lyceum. Minister of Defence of Georgia Tinatin Khidasehli along with the Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces Colonel Nikoloz Agladze and Land Forces West Commander, Colonel Shalva Jabakhidze attended the graduation event.

Tinatin Khidasehli addressed the graduates and wished them success: “I wish all of you, who decided to continue military career, to greet the Georgian Flag, sing the Georgian Anthem and wear the military uniform with pride. I’d like that the rest of you, who will continue their career in the civil sector, to remember the years spent at the Cadets’ Lyceum proudly. I priority is to keep all of you in the military service but the most important of all is to have you in the service of our state. Wherever you serve, it is significant to achieve fame to yourselves, your families and to your homeland. I’d like to thank all of you for these successful years. I’d like to thank you that Cadets’ Military Lyceum is becoming more and more popular. This result is not only the merit of the Georgian Army but your contribution is vital as you are the best ambassadors. Your stories will be stimulus for the next generations, for students who decided to join the Cadets’ Military Lyceum. I hope that female students will join the Cadets’ Military Lyceum from the next year. It is crucial for our country to keep the balance and equality everywhere and in the Army among them, especially at the educational institutions. We should provide equal opportunities for all citizens to choose their career, decided their future and serve wherever they wish. I’d like to address the parents of girls who hesitate to take decision – this is prestigious, this is important, this is the best educational institution in Georgia. Here they get not only education but acquire special skills, here they learn how to love and serve their motherland. This educational institution provides the best education not only in Georgia but beyond its borders. Graduation is a very special day for anyone but when you do this in military uniform it adds you special honor, responsibility, opportunities. Use these opportunities and remember that you have been wearing this uniform for three years. I wish the honor of wearing this uniform be with you throughout your life”, Tinatin Khidasheli said.

120 cadets were selected at the 2012 contest and 72 of them finished the Lyceum successfully. Nine best graduated were awarded with certificated and books. Two cadets received gold medals and four of them silver ones. Most of them expressed willingness to continue studies at the National Defence Academy.

Cadets’ Military Lyceum prepares students according to methodology of the Ministry of Education and Science. Cadets additionally attended the Physical Preparation, History, Military Affairs, Topography and Informatics classes. They also went through field trainings including tactical, fire, engineering, medical and communication exercises.